A Gestrudes é a eBike do Ano

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

«The Tern GSD is our cargo e-bike of the year, and also our overall winner. We’ve tested the GSD in two builds over the last two years, and one abiding feeling remains: this is the most useful and practical bike you’re ever likely to own.

The GSD is built around a long-tail frame and 20-inch wheels. The long-tail design means there’s masses of room at the back – enough for a weekly shop or two passengers – while the small wheels mean that the overall footprint of the bike is no bigger than a standard city bike. Even better than that, the GSD flips up on its end and the saddle and handlebars fold down, so it takes up barely any space at all. The ride position is highly adjustable, so anyone in the family can use it with just a few quick tweaks.

It’s easy and fun to ride – there’s no learning curve like you get with a box bike – and it’s a rare day you come across a situation or a load that the GSD won’t take in its stride. With loads of different options for carrying cargo, children and grown-ups, you can configure it exactly how you need it and it can grow with you as your family grows. 

It’s a genuine car replacement, and perfect for city living. The more expensive S00 build we tested this year is great if you’re looking for a heavy-duty workhorse, but the S10 is enough bike for nearly any situation and a grand cheaper, so that’s still our favourite one and the only bike so far to have got a full five stars.

Why it wins: It’s the most useful and practical bike you’ll ever own. Every home should have one!»


Vale o que vale pois cada um avalia as coisas conforme as suas necessidades, mas fico feliz por saber que a minha escolha foi a escolha certa, aos olhos de outros que têm outros fatores em consideração e comparando com outras eBikes.

Continuo mega satisfeito com a aquisição! So far, so good!

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