My bicycle and me!

Thursday, August 26, 2021

 Gosto imenso de Jazz Big Band, e esta musiquinha tem tudo a ver com este meu blog:

"Eu e as minhas bicicletas" e "My bicycle and me" - é quase a mesma coisa!

E a letra fala do uso da bicicleta como meio de transporte quotidiano e de uso desportivo com os amigos a acordar cedo e pedalar pelo gosto de pedalar...

Estou a ouvir em repeat-mode!

Livingston Taylor – Bicycle 

I ride my bicycle to work each day

It's not so far

It's better for me than my car.

I wear a helmet that is made of

Rigid Styrofoam

Inspected by a French guy named Guillaume.

I downshift my Shimano gears

I pedal hard and I'm out of here

Glad I am that the coast is clear

Glad I am to be

My bicycle and me.

Some Saturdays at six A. M. I get up

With Bill and Flo

In the parking lot of Ho Jo's west of town

We ride light bikes that cost big bucks

We curse at smelly trucks

Mile after mile 'til the sun is almost down.

What a ride, what a life

Maybe I'm crazy, don't ask my wife

I've been in love with these spinning wheels

Since I was maybe three

My bicycle and me.

Pedal that bike, pedal that bike

Don't open that door 'til I go by.

Pedal that bike, pedal that bike

That little old lady in the Dodge Diplomat

I don't think she sees me

I hope she doesn't teach me how to fly.

I wear Lycra, it fits really closely to my skin

White to purple is the place where it begins

I pad my butt and I'm careful

To stay out of ruts

Wrap-around sunglasses, I'm an alien

Feel my heart go pit-a-pat

Hello big hill good-bye fat

Life goes by just like that

A forty-something spree is

My bicycle and me.

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